King Butt Eater: The King Wants Butts, The King Needs Butts!

-A short game made in a couple days. *WARNING* Excessive low-effort butt humor. Brace yourself.

Made using Adam Le Doux's Bitsy!

If you like this game check out my other stuff (totally not like this game at all) and/or click Support This Game so I can make more stuff pls.

Authorgage melton
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Funny, Pixel Art, Short


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lmao this is hilarious xD its so goofy and just i really love how the npcs speak xD just like their second dialogues kept KILLING me honestly this is so weird but great!

funny and weird game! I have this feeling there is going to be a butt revolution someday and the people will share all the butts fairly