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Windows 64bit

Windows 32bit


Latest Version: Alpha 18 uploaded on 1/13/2017

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OST Now available! Get it here: https://mslifka12.itch.io/nongon


In Nongon you will explore a procedurally generated, abstract, low-poly world, searching for the 4 nongon shards to return to altars in the Cathedral. Jump, climb, and wallrun to traverse the environment and collect the nongon shards.


  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Parkour-like traversal system
  • Unique minimal low-poly art style
  • Atmospheric music
  • Supports Keyboard & Mouse and gamepad (Primarily Xbox 360)


Unknown beings created a simulation of the Universe, known only as The Simlation. The Director was created to manage the operation of The Simulation. Eventually The Simulation grew too large and collapsed. As its final action The Director froze The Simulation and created you, The Divulgant, to traverse the Nongons, the now corrupt storage volumes containing data on The Simulation. Your sole purpose to collect data on how, and why, The Simulation collapsed.

Future Content and Plans

I plan to keep adding to the game for the foreseeable future. New content, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements are in the works. I'll try to keep posting updates at least once a month, hopefully more frequently though.

  • More platforms and variety within platform types
  • Lore - collect items that will reveal more information about the world of Nongon
  • Increased movement responsiveness and functionality
  • Working options screen with sensitivity, FOV, and other settings


"I enjoyed this!"

"I like were this is going! The new details felt so fresh..."

"I played it for about 2 hours and I threw up..."

System Requirements

It runs on my crappy Macbook, so just about any computer should be able to run it fine.

Change Log

Google Drive Change Log


Twitter: @indiegage

Email: gage@gagemelton.com

Website: gagemelton.com


Created by Gage Melton

Music by Matt Slifka


Q: When I download the game the folder is empty/corrupted/some other thing

A: Download by enabling the alternate download mode from the download page.

Q: I cant run at 1920x1080. What gives?

A:Uncheck windowed mode in the resolution dialogue window.

Q: Why can't I wallrun any more?

A: It's bound to a button now. Check controls in-game


This game is still in Alpha stages and not representative of the final product. There are many bugs and issues I plan to address, as well as new content coming in future updates!


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Nongon Alpha_18_WIN64.zip 116 MB
Nongon_Alpha_18_WIN32.zip 114 MB
Nongon_Alpha_18_OSX.zip 130 MB


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Cant move my head and its just stuck in one space

Is this game just "on hold" like in the information page or is it actually stopped?

Effectively stopped I guess? It's weird because I want to revisit the ideas I was developing but not sure if that would be in a completely different capacity. Might as well set it to stopped since I don't know when I'll be getting back to this idea.


Hey, um for some reason I can't control where my character is looking... is it programmed for using a mouse?

did you try clicking on the screen? It likes to take focus away from the game at the start, preventing you from looking around


I had the same problem, and clicking the screen didn't work. I am on mac.


Same here, my mouse was unresponsive while in-game and I'm also using a Mac


Me too, maybe its a bug.


I'm also on a mac and the mouse camera controls don't work


same here

Same here Im also using a mac, I can move with my keyboard but not with my mouse

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It would be cool if you would add a map editor or something like that.I LOVE wallrunning, so I would like to create a map where there are a lot of walls. Also, can you add a rolling animation instead of a hurting animation by falling from big heights?


I don't know if I'll be able to get a good map editor going, but I do plan on building out a lot more wallrunning focused platform types. I'll look into more compelling solutions to long falls. Thanks for the feedback!

Also, can you add an option of removing the motion blur? I played it for about 2 hours and I threw up because of the motion blur.


I appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, but I have to recommend taking breaks if the game makes you physically ill. I do plan on adding these sorts of graphical options, so if it is too much of an issue you will have to wait until that update.

Hey again. Made another video of your game after all the updates. Wow its gotten way better. The direction you seem to be going with this is great. Loved the special climbing buildings. I will mention here (happens in the video) that you can use the wall run to just go up walls by jumping over and over. I later discovered that it has the classic bug of: you run twice as fast if you hold forward and a side direction key. Otherwise I love all the added aestetic features.

Thanks for giving it another look! Watching others play my game is always a little nerve wracking but serves as the best blind play-testing. I've just nailed down the bug where you can't move after respawning from a ledge grab. I'm also aware of the diagonal speed increase, and until I figure that out I'm just using it to my advantage for clearing gaps.

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I like were this is going! The new details felt so fresh and made the Simulation more vivid! Also, the new variants of platform are a welcome novelty! :D

The tall stick platforms, though, were a hell to me, mainly because, with my PC, the game felt a bit sluggish, even at the lowest quality settings (may be the fading effect when you turn around?).


Thanks! I haven't gotten around to properly optimizing for different quality levels. I also need to add in options for effects to help performance for those who need it.

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Hey, IndieGage, I REALLY liked your game. Parkour-like platformig + procedural levels? Unique style? YES! I had so much fun the first time I gave it a try!

Unfortunately, downloads are bs in itch.io for me since months, even the alternate download option doesn't work at all! I would appreciate an alternative download site or something. I would love to try this new version so much! >-<

It just doesn't make sense that I can download at 300kbps speed but itch.io's downloads won't even begin in either option!

(2 edits)

Thanks for the interest BlueJackalope. I've just added links in the game description to download straight from Dropbox. Just check the top of the page for the new Direct Dropbox Download Links. Enjoy!

OMG so many thanks for this! n_n I'm glad everytime I see developers who cares for their fanbase.

I enjoyed this! Have you thought about adding some extra challenges, enemies or obstacles so each level has a distinct flavour? Can't wait to see more!

(1 edit)

Thanks! Yes, I plan on adding something for that little extra spice. Whether that will be increasing difficulty or narrative or both I haven't decided. I also plan on launching a Kickstarter with the next update around March, so I'll for sure have a plan then.

I just wanted to comment and say how much I enjoy this game and hope you continue to add content and keep this alive. It is a wonderful game and I just feel almost a compulsion to play a level or two every day.


Great concept. Not quite working for me in this early alpha state, but I look forward to seeing what it's like when completed. The main problem I had was that jumping was sluggish and unreliable. There's a noticeable delay between pressing the space bar and actually jumping, and sometimes the jump just never happens. I thought this might be a performance issue at first, but my frame rate was fine and turning graphics settings down didn't make a difference. It seemed like jumping would fail repeatedly at certain spots, and it wasn't always because of going over the edge before the jump kicked in. Unfortunately, sluggish jumping is a deal breaker for me when it comes to platforming. As I said, though, I realize this is an early alpha. Hopefully this will get ironed out in a future update.

I think i failed at playing this game.

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Congrats on the game.

I really like the look and feel but the controls could be improved

here's my let's play https://youtu.be/SrdI_eaS7ec

Thanks for taking a look! Controls are definitely one of the main things I've been working on improving.

Absolutely loved playing this game even though the controls are a tad bit slippery.

This game was pretty fun to play. Had a blast. You can find my first look on it here. Keep up the great work.

Deleted post

If you are scrolling through the comments trying to decide if this game is worth a download, it certainly is. The game has an amazing art style <3, a really smooth and floaty parkour feel to it. Even the color scheme is awesome! Definitely will be keeping an eye on the game as it develops!

-Thanks for the awesome game,


I cannot get past the main menu. :(

Me too

What platform are you attempting to play on?

Windows 10 (withe the most recent update). 64bits and it happens with either version 64 or 32)

windows 8 64 bit

I've posted a new update to the game. This may fix your issue. Can't say for sure since I am unable to replicate it.


The game has great visuals but the controls can be kinda slippery, its easy to walk off the edge and stuff, but the overall concept is great.


Wow! Really cool so far despite the alpha status. I'll be making sure to follow this game as it develops!

Thanks for the video! A lot of the bugs you've encountered are either taken care of already or I'm working on it currently. As for the wall running, I've bound it to a button, so no more wall running unless you want to. So tighter controls will be coming in the next update.

Glad to hear! Can't wait.


This is a cool and fun little platforming game. The simplified polygon graphics are pretty, the music is awesome, and the platforming was simply and easy to grasp. I love this particular art style and the way simple shapes are pleasing to look at. I love the music in this game and how it adapts as you progress with the game depending on the nongon's collected. I have played a lot of platformers and am generally not great at them, but this game combines randomly generated worlds with simple and east to control parkouring. All in all for an alpha this was a fun little game and I look forward to seeing how the game progresses from here. I did a quick video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

SUCH PRETTY LIGHTS | Nongon Alpha Demo